In the past 5-10 years, Venture Capital & Private Equity investment played an important role in fuelling the growth of businesses in India. A number of these investments are now reaching maturity and 2013-14 are expected to be the “exit years”. But there is a sharp contrast between the exits scenarios anticipated at the time of investing into businesses as the ground realities of the present market is different. The most successful exits require considerable planning. The sooner you start, the more rewarding your eventual exit is likely to be.


VCCircle Training’s upcoming Instructor-led workshop “PE/VC Exit Strategies Workshop” is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of private equity and venture capital investment disciplines; covering the entire process of Exit and the trends of exit in India in the current scenario with sector specific case studies


At this workshop you would hear & interact with the experienced PE and VC professionals as well as eminent industry service providers to gain deeper understanding of the VC and PE exit strategy.


Why you should attend:

  • Learn the essential knowledge & expertise of entire Exit process

  • Understand & analyse the Exit trends in the current IPO absenteeism

  • Tax & Legal issues in exit process

  • Case studies and examples of recent successful exits

Who should attend:

•  Investment & fund managers                          •   Entrepreneurs and companies looking for venture capital funding
•  Individual, private and institutional investors     •   Valuation Professionals                                                        
•  Investee companies                                     •   Industry regulators
    - CEOs                                                      •  Academicians/Students
    - Financial Heads                                        •  I Banks
    - Legal Heads & Corporate Lawyers
•  ANYONE who wants to learn or know about the VENTURE CAPITAL & PRIVATE EQUITY industry and their funding processes


Session 1: Exit avenues in the current difficult market

                 - Absenteeism of IPOs -  Tough time exiting expensive and old portfolio firms
                 - Secondary deals as the exit option

                 - Case study on some recent exits – Challenges & Scope


Session 2: M&A- An Exit Option

                 - Key Steps and Planning Requirement

                 - Practical Issues and Realities

                 - Case Study


Session 3: The Exit Process : Technicalities & Practicalities

                 - How much can you sell?
                 - Due Diligence
                 - Valuation methodologies
                 - What can you do now to increase the value?
                 - Who are the buyers?
                 - Timing Your Exit



Session 4: Tax Efficiency in Exit Process

                 - Structuring the Entry – Efficiency in structuring at the time of Investment to maximize returns on Exit
                 - Tax Planning & Issues
                        - Withholding tax obligation and current market practice
                        - Alternate structures to deal with withholding tax issues
                        - Tax indemnities and Insurance


Session 5: Transactional Risk Solutions – an alternative to transfer your representation and warranties risk in today’s M&A environment

                 - Introduction to transactional risk solutions
                 - Application of the solution
                 - Process of putting in place the solution
                 - Legal issues related to exits and pitfalls
                     - Enforceability of Exit Clauses in SHAs,
                     - Regulatory issues in Exit
                     - Enforcement of Liquidation preference
                     - Escrow and indemnities

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