Risk management is becoming increasingly critical for professionals in private equity as an asset class. With exit visibility low and investors stressing on capital protection, effective risk management for portfolio firms and for new investments has taken centre stage in investment decisions.


Still tentative economic recovery and spectre of new regulations will only step up the emphasis on managing risk for private equity fund managers, going forward.


In this regard VCCircle Training is organising a one day workshop to help delegates identify, measure and mitigate all types of risk concerned with private equity investments. The program will offer practical tools coupled with contemporary knowledge modules and anecdotal experience of the experts.


Well-respected experts in their fields will cover various topics in the workshop, providing delegates with multiple perspectives and immeasurable and highly practical experience in risk management. The attendees will be able to take away precise best practises and scientific monitoring knowhow.


Precisely understanding how the downside affects your business should make your organisation’s upside all the more rewarding.


Why You Should Attend:

  • Understanding General partner-specific risks

  • Measuring and monitoring risks at fund level and portfolio company level

  • Insights into emerging market risks

  • The limited partners perspective of risk

  • Benchmarking private equity investments

  • Regulatory treatment of private equity funds

  • Balance risk between GPs and LPs

  • Understand the impact of new regulatory requirements

  • Thorough study of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Receive practical lessons on how to build and run a risk management function

  • Learning different exit strategies.


Who should attend:

  • Private Equity Risk Manager

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Investment Manager/Director

  • Fund Manager

  • Investment Analyst

  • Risk consultant

  • Private Equity Partner

  • Portfolio Risk  Manager

  • Managing Partner

  • Portfolio Development

  •  Investment Banker

  • Compliance Risk



Session 1 : Risk Management & Private Equity

  • An introduction to risk and risk management

  • Risk management as a source of competitive advantage

  • De-layering risks (GP/LP perspectives)

  • Regulation, Legal, Liquidity, ESG considerations in private equity risk  management

  • Fund of Fund Risk Management

Group Activity – Delegates will be divided in two groups


Session 2 : Risk Management & Controls– Fund Level

  • Macro risk

        - Country – geopolitical risk

        - Economic environment – currency, inflation, growth etc

        - Regulatory – volatility or uncertainty

  • Transaction related risks

        - Company – credit risk

        - Industry 

        - Investor

        - Transaction Structure

        - Cross border risk

  • Portfolio management

        - Traffic Signal approach

        - Liquidity, profitability and other operating metrics

        - Financial and Non-Financial Covenants

        - Exit event likelihood – preparation

        - Handling the problem children/restructures

  • Operating risk

        - Corporate governance standards

        - Internal audit

        - External audit

        - Compliance and regulatory reporting


Session 3 : Risk Management – Portfolio Company Level

  • Scope and definition

  • Company Growth models- EBIDTA, Organic, Portfolio, Products and Acquisitions

  • Setting goals and strategy to overcome risks

  • Pre-transaction analysis & due diligence

  • Regulatory, Compliance and administrative factors

  • Strategy to overcome and using tools

  • Primary and secondary market scenario- evaluating robust an weak market situationA risk management ‘health check’ for portfolio  companies


Session 4 : Enterprise Risk Management – Company Level

  • Scope and definition

  • Setting goals and strategy to overcome risks

  • How to determine risk profile of a company from ERM perspective?

  • ERM and Corporate governance

  • Key considerations from recent Companies Act changes for nominee directors/companies

  • Adding value through effective risk management

  • Centralization v/s decentralization of Authority

  • MIS and periodic financial reporting

  • Creating the right infrastructure for growth –people (Linking performance and incentives), policies & processes, systems& data

  • Linking audits to risk profile and risk management of company


Session 5 : Exit strategies, readiness and valuation- Risk and Opportunities

  • Strategic review of exit options, seeking M&A or listing options and preparing for exit, facing due diligence from buyers etc

  • Exit influencers of markets, strategic, LBO, Secondary, Buyback

  • Preparing investee companies for exit

  • Exit perils – Partial or Complete, Timing, Valuation, Exchange rates, administrative and policy guidelines,

Final discussion & questions

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