Programme Instructor:

Anne-Maree Byworth
Founder & Managing Director, Watledge Consulting Limited, UK.

Anne-Maree Byworth manages a private equity advisory firm that advises clients who are active in newer private equity markets, particularly in Asia and Africa. She was Director of Private Equity at CDC Group plc, the fund of funds business owned by the British Government that invests in the developing economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America. There, she chaired CDC’s investment committee and coordinated the firm’s private equity fund investment activity across the globe. During her 25-year career as a private equity fund manager, Anne has made fund investments on behalf of a variety of institutions, including an insurance company, a pension fund, an investment advisory firm, a fund of funds and a development finance institution.

Programme Overview
The investor relations function in today's private equity firm is an extremely multifaceted one with IR professionals often having to act as figurehead, fundraiser, relationship manager, negotiator, communicator and analyst all at the same time.  Indeed, the ability to attract, meet the needs of and retain investors is of such driving importance that many Managing Partners continue to spearhead their firm’s activities in this area.  

VCCircle Network’s Investor Relations & Fundraising for Private Equity training course covers all of the many components of successful investor relations and communication. Participants will gain an invaluable toolkit of skills and techniques that they can immediately put into practice to manage the needs of both investors and internal stakeholders alike. These will include:

• Understanding how your firm is positioned and how your offering is differentiated – and then communicating this to stakeholders.
• Understanding the fundamentals of successful fundraising, including selection of a placement agent, setting fund targets, meeting due diligence requirements and diversifying your investor base
• Preparing world class fund raising documentation and interim investor updates between fund raising rounds - what to include and how to present information
• Understanding what drives the investment decisions of different types of investors
• Attracting and retaining a long-term and balanced investor base.
• Recognizing all the key stakeholders and the information flow between them.
• Successfully acting as a conduit between LPs and deal teams.
• Adhering to communications best practice and disclosure requirements.
• Getting your core messages across during annual meetings, advisory committee meetings, and one-to-one investor meetings.

Who should attend?
This comprehensive training course is aimed at partner-level executives and investor relations professionals with sufficient authority within their firms to drive the investor relations, communications and fund raising function.

Learning Methodology
The trainer will conduct a highly interactive series of 90 - 120 minute sessions, with presentations and practical advice supported by in-depth discussions, group exercises and case studies. The course is designed to ensure that participants are fully equipped to fulfil their responsibilities. Throughout the two-day course, the trainer will share her unique insights about the differing mandates and due diligence, monitoring and general communications requirements of institutional investors, and suggest ways for you to address both individual and broader investor needs in an efficient, effective and comprehensive manner.  

Furthermore, having reviewed the fund offerings and attended the presentations and meetings of scores of General Partners from around the world, she will draw upon real life examples of communications best practice to provide participants with the building blocks to implement a world class investor relations function within their own firms.


The evolution of the IR role
  •  Why the role is now indispensable
  •  Always in pre-marketing mode
  •  Communication as a differentiator
  •  What skills & qualifications does the role require

What makes good IR?
  •  Ability to discern a firm's key differentiators and communicate them effectively
  •  Being able to react to the needs of your investor base accurately and in a timely manner
  •  Thought leadership – current themes and challenges

Key concerns and worries of:
  •  Limited partners
  •  Prospective investors
  •  Deal professionals
  •  Gatekeepers
  •  Fund of funds
  •  Placement agents
  •  The press

Relationship Management
  •  Acting as conduit between LPs and deal teams
  •  Attracting and retaining investors
  •  Knowledge of portfolio investments

  •  Choosing & working with placement agents
  •  Setting fund targets and hard cap
  •  Meeting due diligence requirements
  •  Key fund terms
  •  Presentations – key messages
  •  Diversifying the investor base
  •  Post-fundraising
  •  The next fund

Meeting requirements
  •  Annual meetings
  •  Advisory committees
  •  Ad hoc
  •  Preparation and team input

Communication and information requirements
  •  Best practices
  •  Disclosure requirements
  •  Maintaining a balance
  •  It’s a people business

LP Reporting
  •  Interpreting and understanding the results
  •  Systems and reporting – options & format
  •  Need for transparency, quality, timing

Key concerns and worries of
  •  GPs
  •  LPs

Managing in-house relationships
  •  Building credibility within the investment team
  •  Ensuring everyone stays on message

When things go wrong
  •  Damage limitation and managing bad news.
  •  Talking about poor deal outcomes
  •  Managing sales of secondary interests

Presentation / communication methodologies
  •  Setting the context
  •  Laying out the competitive landscape
  •  Demonstrating that your investment strategy meets the needs of the market
  •  Core performance concepts - IRR, multiples etc
  •  Track record modelling and presentation of data
  •  J-Curves, returns and cashflow analysis
  •  Demonstrating that the team is fit for task
  •  Process mapping
  •  Risk management through portfolio construction and deal structuring
  •  Addressing ESG Concerns
  •  Key fund terms

Exercises, scenarios

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