The Tech based businesses in India have seen unprecedented growth especially in the last two years. The adoption of technology is enabling the Tech sector to be more reachable and efficient. With the new government being elected, business confidence has significantly improved. In 2014-15, due to strong growth prospects investors aggressively funded the Tech Startups. But that trend seems to slow down in 2015-16, as investors have become cautious and are now adopting wait and watch policy.

Overall picture for growth of Tech Startups seems encouraging. Since only 19% population in India uses internet, scope of growth is immense Demographic profile analysis of internet users further confirms in coming years there will be rapid growth of Tech Startups. Approximately 75 % of internet users are below the age of 34 years. This category shops more than rest of the population. In coming year’s presence of internet in rural areas will also boost the growth of the sector. Several of India’s blue-chip PE firms, which previously avoided investing in Tech Startups, are now looking for opportunities in the sector.

During the workshop, all sessions will have a highly technical content with workshops catering to all levels of experience.  The workshop aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge on  e-valuation methods & approaches along with governance and regulatory requirements for Tech Startups.

Why You Should Attend?
The objective of this study is to provide the fundamentals of each approach to Tech valuation, together with limitations and caveats on the use of each, as well as extended examples of the application of each. At the end, participants should be able to:

   •  Understand the Valuation methods and it’s approaches
   •  Learn Fund raising strategies
   •  Negotiate and draft the term sheet
   •  Analyze and critique the use of appropriate valuation model
   •  Know governance and regulatory requirements
   •  Foresee the growth of Tech Startups

Who Should Attend?
This is a serious Workshop created for ambitious Startups, Senior Executive and strategist from Tech Startups. Also, entrepreneurs and PE/VC professional who are planning to enter in Tech space should definitely look forward for this workshop. Seasoned practitioners who want to bolster their skills to create and maintain a thriving practice will find value after attending this workshop


Session 1: Value Drivers, Valuation Approaches & Global Learnings

   •  Tech Startups - Evolution & Key Characteristics
   •  Financing life-cycle and Value Drivers
   •  Valuation Approaches - Venture Capital Method, Real option, Probability-weighted methods and various alternative approaches
   •  Global Illustrations
   •  Valuation Myths and Realities

Session 2: Startup valuation - Key performance indicators
   •  Average revenue per user
   •  Customer attrition (Churn Rate)
   •  Customer acquisition cost
   •  User engagement - Active users
   •  No of installs
   •  Customer life time value
   •  Conversion rate (funnel)

Session 3: Valuation of Health-Tech & Fin - Tech Companies - Case Study

Session 4: Fund raising for Startup companies
   •  Identification of fundraising prospects
   •  Types of Fund Raising
   •  Fund raising strategy
   •  Tips for Successful Fundraising

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