Success stories of technology startups such as Google, Alibaba, Flipkart and Amazon have not left Southeast Asia untouched. After the booming Indian startup scene, a number of ASEAN countries are now gearing up to attract entrepreneurs and stimulate the creation and growth of startups. China and India, in fact, are leading the trend not only in Asia but globally.

Of late, the exponential growth in market value of technology startups worldwide has generated great curiosity in investors and investees. In this workshop conducted by VCCircle Training in Singapore for participants, experts will train participants in new valuation methods and approaches along with governance and regulatory requirements for technology startups.

Why You Should Attend?
This workshop will cover the fundamentals of e-commerce valuation and its various approaches, limitations and caveats, and case studies in application. Towards the end, participants should be able to:
 • Understand the new valuation methods and approaches
 • Learn fundraising strategies
 • Analyse and critique the use of appropriate valuation models
 • Know governance and regulatory requirements
 • Foresee the growth of e-commerce industry

Who Should Attend?
This is a serious workshop created for ambitious startups, senior executives and strategists from e-commerce, fin-tech and health-tech companies. Entrepreneurs and PE/VC professionals planning to enter the e-commerce space also make ideal participants. Seasoned practitioners looking to upskill themselves and grow their practices will find value after attending this workshop.


Session 1: Value Drivers, Valuation Approaches & Global Learnings
 • Tech Startups - Evolution & Key Characteristics
 • Financing life-cycle and Value Drivers
 • Valuation Approaches - Venture Capital Method, Real option, Probability-weighted methods and various alternative approaches
 • Global Illustrations
 • Valuation Myths and Realities

Session 2: Startup valuation - Key performance indicators
 • Average revenue per user
 • Customer attrition (Churn Rate)
 • Customer acquisition cost
 • User engagement - Active users
 • No of installs
 • Customer life time value
 • Conversion rate (funnel)

Session 3: Valuation of Health-Tech & Fin - Tech Companies - Case Study

Session 4: Fund raising for Startup companies
 • Identification of fundraising prospects
 • Types of Fund Raising
 • Fund raising strategy
 • Tips for Successful Fundraising

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