Due to inadequate  investigation and inappropriate valuation computation, many capital acquisitions and disposals have resulted in disappointment for both buyers and sellers.The due diligence process is the “one shot”, most investors get at ascertaining the true state of a business and what price they should pay for it.


This one day workshop will provide an understanding of the concept and obligations of a due diligence investigation as it relates to both public and private transactions including acquisitions, disposals and fund raisings. 


Expert will discuss on due diligence process, covering a variety of the toughest issues and traps in financial, tax, legal and commercial due dligence.Attendees will learn what it takes to validate the plan and to define and contain the risk of investment.


Key Benefits:


By attending this one day workshop you will learn how to:

• Identify and verify worthwhile investment opportunities 

• Understand and gain maximum benefit from each aspect of due diligence

• Prepare for integration in advance through effective due diligence processes  

• Appraise the quality and reliability of information  

• Minimise the risk to your company throughout investment deals

• Link separate investigations to improve cost‐effectiveness and time management

• Identify and overcome the most common due diligence pitfalls

• Ensure that you know how to address all legal requirements and obligations


Who Should Attend


This Workshop has been designed for all those involved in acquisitions or strategic alliances, whether in strategic planning, appraisal, negotiation or valuation including:


  • Managing Directors

  • Directors of Strategic Planning

  • Financial Directors       

  • Company Secretaries     

  • Professional Adviser                                                                                              

  • Venture Capitalists  

  • Private Equity Investors                      

  • Corporate Lawyers

  • In house Lawyers



Session 1: Due Diligence Overview

        • What is Due Diligence?

        • Main Elements of Due Diligence

        • Aligning Priorities to main risks

        • Due diligence investigation areas

        • Due Diligence vs. Audit


Session 2: Financial Due Diligence

        • What is Financial Due Diliigence?

        • Need of Financial Due Diligence

        • Types of Financial Due Diligence

        • Process & Key Benefits

        • Focus Areas

        • Limitation


Session 3: Legal Due Diligence - A necessity to business Idea 

        • Why is it necessary & important?

        • Process & Various steps involved

        • Legal Due Diligence Challenges & its Resolutions

        • Practical Insight 

              ? Mock Diligence

              ? Case Studies

              ? Questions & Answers


Session 4: Tax Due Diligence 

        • Importance of Tax Due Diligence

        • Approach to be adopted

        • Typical Issues & Solutions

        • Impact on Transactions

        • Case study


Session 5: Commercial Due Diligence ? Key to understanding value in an acquisition

       • Purpose & elements of Commercial Due Diligence

       • Published & Unpublished information sources,

       • Accessing unpublished information


Session 6: Forensic Due Diligence 

      • Anti Bribery & Corruption Due Diligence

      • Ethics and Integrity Due Diligence

      • Forensic review of books and transactions

      • End use monitoring of funds and investigations


Open House - Q&A 

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