News Corp VCCircle Education Investment Summit 2018
Salvaging education through technology


Education in India is at an inflection point where technology is holding out the promise of quality education at low cost and the relevance of that promise for a country like India, which has the paradox of a large population and low standards of education, cannot be lost on anyone. According to industry estimates, by 2030, there will be over 300 million children in the age group of four to 17 years and an estimated youth population of 140 million ready for higher education. Making quality education accessible to this large population is an imperative the stakeholders in the sector cannot shrug off. How? Technology may hold the key to this daunting question.

As the country’s internet user base grows to an estimated 550 million by 2020, technology enabled education solutions will constitute a significant portion of the projected education market opportunity. By industry estimates, the digital education market will touch $5.7 billion in two years. Entrepreneurs and investors, both private equity and venture capital, have already started to address this opportunity. Between 2015 and now, technology enabled education businesses across the spectrum, more commonly known as ed-tech businesses, have raised close to a $1 billion from a multitude of investors.

The ed-tech opportunity is currently playing out across four broad market categories -- pre-school, K12, higher education and, vocational skills development. A multitude of ed-tech businesses have started to cater to these segments with services such as supplemental online content, after-school tutoring, test preparation, corporate training solutions, ERP solutions for schools and even IoT and VR solutions that seed to offer smart education systems.

The adoption of technology, however, is not without its challenges. Education remains a highly-regulated sector and while disruption through technology is inevitable, the scaling up of such businesses is likely to take long. Are their enough investors with patient capital? Is education a philanthropic pursuit or does it offer handsome returns, too? Are investors ready to wait it out till their investments bear fruit? Where are the real gaps in the sector and what can stakeholders do to plug them?

News Corp VCCircle Education Summit will see entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders delve deep into various aspects of education in India.


08:30AM - 09:30AM
Registration & Networking

09:30AM - 09:45AM
Opening Address by VCCircle

Jaideep Mehta, CEO, News Corp VCCircle

09:45AM - 10:00AM
Special Address by Guest speaker

Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Vice – Chancellor, Ashoka University

10:00AM - 10:15AM
Special Address: Masterclass for Edtech entrepreneurs

Nirav Khambhati, Partner, Kaizen Private Equity

10:15AM - 10:55AM
Panel I: Investors’ overview of Education
Investing in education is lucrative as the returns are handsome but it takes patience to reap the rewards. Alongside long-term commitment, what are the other risks and rewards of investing in Education sector? Which segments are more promising as of now and why?

Imran Jafar, General Partner, Gaja Capital
Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, Partner, Unitus Seed Fund
Pranjal Kumar, Principal, Bertelsmann Investments & Corporate center India
Namita Dalmia, Principal, Omidyar Network (Moderator)

10:55AM -11:35AM
Panel II: Gauging the opportunity in professional learning
Given India’s growing population and demand for jobs, professional learning represents that biggest opportunity the nascent ed-tech market. In the past couple of years, significant private investments have been pumped into this segment underlying strong investor interest and the momentum is expected to continue for a few more years. Will India’s next technology unicorns come from the professional learning market? How critical is technology for scaling these businesses and ensuring they find the road to profitability?

Ravijot Chugh, Co founder, UpGrad
Arjun Nair, Co-founder & Director, Great Learning
Amit Mahensaria, Co founder, Impartus Innovations
Jitin Sethi, Partner, L.E.K Consulting (Moderator)

11:35AM - 11:50AM
Networking Break

11:50AM - 12:30PM
Panel III: Disrupting K12
Even as India is celebrated for world-class educational institutions such as IITs and IIMs, its K12 system continues to be in a sorry state. Right from the concept of teaching to lack of enough and good teachers, old and irrelevant curriculum, a poor teacher to students ratio are all factors contributing to the dismal state of affairs. What will it take to fix the K12 system?

V Sivaramakrishnan, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India
Puneet Kothapa, Executive Director, Narayana Group of Educational Institutions
Amit Kapoor, Co founder & Director, Eupheus Learning
Neeraj Sharma, MD & CEO, Indian School of Finance Company
Smita Sircar, Innovations Director - edLABS and Ecosystem, Gray Matters Capital

12:30PM -01:10PM
Panel IV: Blossoming pre-school and day care
The pre-school and day care market has so far had a patchy run in India. Apart from a handful of players, the segment hasn’t seen sustained activity in the past in terms of new ventures being formed, funded and being scaled. That may change now with education as a whole seeing renewed interest from both investors and entrepreneurs. Are pre-school and day care businesses/ startups finally here to stay? What market factors are in play to encourage the growth of such businesses? What kind of business models will stand the test of time?

Sridevi Raghavan, CEO, Amelio
Priya Krishnan, CEO, KLAY
Ashish Aggarwal, Founder & CFO, Footprints India
Sonam Shah, Head, Garodia Academy (Moderator)

01:10PM - 02:00PM
Lunch & Networking

02:00PM - 02:40PM
Panel V: Education, a philanthropic pursuit?
Several not-for-profit enterprises have come forward to plug the gaps in the education ecosystem especially catering to those at the bottom of the pyramid. What inspires such enterprises to take the plunge in a sector that is riddled with problems? What challenges do they face? What are the returns they seek?

Sanjay Dalmia, Founder, OpenLinks Foundation
Sourabh Anand, Associate Partner, Social Finance India
Raj Gilda, Co founder and Director, Lend – A- Hand India (Moderator)

02:40pm - 03:20pm
Panel VI: New frontiers in online tutoring
Online tutoring has in the past few years emerged as one of the most sought after market segments in the overall ed-tech sector. Entrepreneurs are employing varying strategies to address what promises to become a multi-billion dollar opportunity and investors see significant upsides in getting into the game early. What are the factors that define this potentially lucrative opportunity? What could be the future challenges to scaling these businesses? Is the opportunity big enough for multiple large players to emerge in this market unlike segments such as ecommerce or ride-hailing which are winner-takes-all markets?

Rohit Manglik, CEO, EduGorilla
Zishaan Hayath, Founder, Toppr
Bhola Meena, Founder and CEO, Online Tyari
Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co founder, Vedantu
Prachi Jain Windlass, Director – India Programs, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India LLP (Moderator)

03:20PM - 03:35PM
Networking Break

03:35PM - 04:00PM
Showcase Session
We bring our Showcase session, a curated platform that brings a set of handpicked innovative Education startups to make an elevator pitch to select jury of angel investors, houseful of VCs & fellow entrepreneurs. This is also an opportunity to early stage, pre-revenue, startups as well to grab investor attention.

Prachi Jain Windlass, Director – India Programs, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India LLP

End of Conference



Imran Jafar

Managing Partner, Gaja Capital

Prashant Mehta

Partner, Lightbox

Prachi Windlass

Director, India Programs, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India LLP

Puneet Kothapa

Executive Director, Narayana Group of Educational Institutions

Neeraj Sharma

MD & CEO, Indian School Finance Company

V Sivaramakrishnan

Managing Director, Oxford University Press India

Zishaan Hayath

Founder, Toppr

Vamsi Krishna

Co-founder & CEO, Vedantu

Namita Dalmia

Principal, Omidyar Network

Priya Krishnan


Pranjal Kumar

Principal, Bertelsmann Investments & Corporate center India

Sanjay Dalmia

Founder, OpenLinks Foundation

Arjun Nair

Co-founder & Director, Great Learning

Bhola Meena

Founder & CEO, OnlineTyari

Jitin Sethi

Partner, L.E.K Consulting

Smita Sircar

Innovations Director - edLABS and Ecosystem, Gray Matters Capital

Raj Gilda

Co-founder & Director, Lend - A- Hand India

Sonam Shah

Head, Garodia Academy

Amit Kapoor

Co founder & Director, Eupheus Learning

Amit Mahensaria

Co-founder, Impartus Innovations

Ashish Aggarwal

Founder & CFO, Footprints India

Sourabh Anand

Associate Partner, Social Finance India

Sridevi Raghavan

CEO, Amelio

Krishna Kumar

CEO, Simplilearn Solutions

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Vice - Chancellor, Ashoka University

Nirav Khambhati

Partner, Kaizen Private Equity

Ravijot Chugh

Co founder, UpGrad

Rohit Manglik

CEO, EduGorilla

Mayank Kumar

Co-founder and MD, Upgrad

Lopa Gandhi

Founder, Ugam foundation

Rohit Manglik

CEO, EduGorilla

Srikrishna Ramamoorthy

Partner, Unitus Seed Fund

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