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Prossure Consulting, is a 6 partner led, 50+ team sized chartered accountancy and business advisory firm. Prossure delivers cutting edge solutions in audit, tax, advisory and outsourcing for growing businesses. It also advises businesses on better financial management, process improvement, tax planning, mergers, takeovers, joint ventures, due diligence, business valuations etc.

Prossure Consulting offers specialized suite of services, CloudCA, QuantumQuest, ProfitQuest, ComplianceQuest and FinDoc which have been designed to help clients do more and achieve more for less. Prossure offers leading edge advisory services in the domains of risk, business and growth to help your business stay ahead of the curve, always.

Prossure strives to enable enterprises to turn their visions into action by helping them #Do with its relentless commitment of #moreforless.