Our Sponsors and Partners

Kaizen Private Equity

We are a private equity firm focused on investing with a distinct focus on companies and entrepreneurs who have the potential to lead their domains. Our purpose is operations driven transformative growth, which defines whom we partner with and how we operate. Our partner companies represent our commitment to working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

We were established in 2009 and our first fund is also India’s first education-focused private equity fund. We invest in Education because education holds the promise to transform our society in a deep and long-lasting way. Changes facing the education sector today embody our belief in transformation through slow, steady and small steps and also through disruptive innovations. Our partner companies exemplify that learning outcomes, social transformation, and value creation go hand-in-hand. Our team consists of entrepreneurial professionals who bring a combination of investment experience, domain knowledge and operations expertise across numerous sectors including Technology, Education, Manufacturing, Paper and Chemicals. We believe that lessons learned through investing in education companies in India can be applied to building education companies in nearby emerging regions.