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Intralinks provides a leading secure enterprise collaboration and corporate file sharing solution that is trusted by 99% of the Fortune 1000. Intralinks simplifies cross enterprise document sharing by enabling users to easily share documents with anyone, anywhere while maintaining complete control over who can view, edit, print and download. Intralinks’ business file sharing tools even let users unshare documents after they have been downloaded to a remote device or personal computer. Intralinks offers a virtual data room solution that makes due diligence and post merger integration easier by allowing organizations, partners, counterparties and regulators to share and access documents quickly and efficiently without worrying about leaks or hacks. Intralinks’ deal management software accelerates the deal lifecycle by simplifying deal sourcing and marketing. And Intralinks’ document rights management software makes it easier to manage documents shared with contacts around the world. Intralinks solutions are used by enterprises in a wide variety of industries for partner collaboration, safety document distribution, SharePoint externalization, clinical trial remote monitoring and other applications.