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Asian Healthcare Fund (AHF)

Asian Healthcare Fund (AHF) is a New Delhi based private equity fund that invests exclusively into India’s healthcare and life sciences sectors. AHF operates on the principle that healthcare as a sector is unique in terms of its investment and management complexities and as such is a sector that requires a specialized approach.

AHF invests only into healthcare and life sciences and AHF team is comprised entirely of healthcare sector experts (i.e. physicians, scientists, healthcare promoters, pharmaceutical CEOs and hospital CFOs), AHF is therefore, uniquely positioned to:
i) identify the most promising healthcare investment opportunities; and
ii) utilize its sector expertise and network to work with Promoters in maximizing a company’s value creation potential.

AHF’s investment philosophy is to work as partners with the promoters and management teams of emerging businesses that are approaching an inflection point in their growth journey. AHF believes that while many businesses can often demonstrate early signs of growth, companies often reach a critical inflection point at which stage a company can follow very different growth trajectories, depending upon strategic decision making and execution capabilities. This is where the AHF team, having invested into and having built very successful healthcare businesses for the past 15 years, can make a significant difference, by leveraging its sector specific management experience, its understanding of local operating dynamics, its access to world class healthcare managers, and its cross-border network of potential acquirers and business partners.